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Woodbrook Homestay

Waking up to nature in all its glory is a treat for every city dweller; to have such an abode is every retiree’s dream and to have unlimited region to explore is every child’s fantasy.
Woodbrook Homestay is nature untouched. Fresh, clean air mildly scented with dewy grass will wake you up every morning with uniquely brewed tea plucked from the hills. Our hospitality will make you feel like you’re vacationing in one of your luxury homes...


The Woodbrook Homestay offers a host of leisure facilities in addition to its spectacular views. Woodbrook will be the ultimate destination for renewal, rejuvenation and time well spent relaxing and unwinding. You will be anticipated to experience a level of personalized services and indulgent amenities beyond all expectations...


With an emphasis on quality and choice in all that you experience, we invite you to be as indulgent as you like and as relaxed as you can be, from the beginning of your stay until the end...

(Single Rooms with Balcony)
The Oak
(1 room residences with sit out)
The Mangrove
(Residences with 3 bedrooms)


Tasting every flavour, experiencing every sensation, relishing every second – living without limits. The Blue Mermaid is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Built tastefully overlooking the lake, we’ve created a team of home cooks and professional chefs to give you the best of both worlds.
Our food is prepared from locally sourced ingredients & from the freshest produce, cultivated in our garden....